Chinese rose

Chinese Name: Yue ji hua
Medical Name: Flos Rosae
Latin Name: Rosa chinensis Jacq. (Chinese rose flower), of the family Rosaceae
Origin: Flower, picked in late autumn and dried.
Taste: Sweet and slightly bitter

Quotes from Chinese historical sources

"Promotes blood circulation and resolves stagnancy due to traumatic injuries with stasis and pain."

COMPENDIUM OF MATERIA MEDICA: "Invigorates the circulation of blood, ameliorates swellings and, when applied to the skin, can extract poisons."

SUPPLEMENT TO THE COMPENDIUM OF MATERIA MEDICA: "Normalizes the functioning of the blood, promotes circulation and regulates the flow of qi." "Treats lockjaw, acute mastitis, initial attacks of pyogenic infections and stagnation of qi in the liver and stomach."

Western Research

Experientia 1977 Feb 15;33(2):207-9
Fungitoxic properties of Rosa chinensis Jacq.
Tripathi SC, Dixit SN.
A systematic survey of higher plants for their fungitoxicity, the flowers of Rosa chinensis Jacq. were found to exhibit strong antifungal properties. On chemical investigation the antifungal priniciple was isolated as a shining, needle-shaped cyrstalline substance identified as gallic acid. It exhibited fungistatic action against as many as 17 fungi at 3% concentration.