Fragrant solomon seal rhizome

Chinese Name: Yu zhu
Medical Name:
Latin Name: Polygonatum odoratum (mill.) Druce.
Taste: Sweet and mild

Quotes from Chinese historical sources

THE HERBAL CLASSIC OF SHEN-NONG: "The flavour of solomon seal root is sweet and mild. It is mainly used in cases of apoplexy with heat-fever, impaired mobility, muscle stasis due to trauma, and various shortages of energy. It should be taken until the patient has recovered a normal, healthy appearance."

OTHER CLASSIFIED RECORDS OF FAMOUS DOCTORS: "Not poisonous. Used primarily to cure stagnation of vital energy in the chest and abdomen, heat collapse, toxins produced by wetness-evil, back pains arising from inadequate circulation, coldness inside the meridians, and conjunctivitis"

OPINIONS ON THE PROPERTIES OF HERBS: "Polygonatum is the primary ingredient used in these formulations... It is mainly used to treat fevers, fatigue and lack of energy; and coughs arising from asthenia of the viscera. Whenever a patient complains of headaches and malaise, it can form an effective part of the treatment."

RI HUA ZI MATERIA MEDICA: "Lifts the spirits, quenches chronic thirst, nourishes the heart and lungs, repairs the five types of impairment (of heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney) and seven damages, cures consumptive diseases, pains in the waist and feet, and epidemic diseases arising from wind-heat evil. Take it without fear."

COMPENDIUM OF MATERIA MEDICA: "The best treatment in cases of hot sweats arising from wind-heat evil, attacks of malarial fever, weakness affecting spleen and stomach, incontinence, nocturnal emission, and all consumptive diseases."