Milk vetch seed

Chinese Name: Sha yuan ji li
Medical Name: Semen astragali complanati
Latin Name: Astragalus complanatus
Origin: Seed
Taste: Sweet

Quotes from Chinese historical sources

JING-YUE'S FULL EDITION OF THE STANDARDIZED MATERIA MEDICA: "Use it to promote the astringency of the kidney and enhance healthy spermatic function, to relieve enuresis and hematuria, as an antidiuretic, in order to relieve restlessness and thirst, and to counteract dry-heat."

THE MATERIA MEDICA COMPARED WITH SOME PRIMARY SOURCES: "Its falling qualities benefit the kidney and cure lumbago; it is an essential remedy for nocturnal emission and consumptive disease; and it remains supreme in strengthening the sperm."

DE-PAI BEN-CAO: "In cases where the kidney is weakened through over-secretion, its sweet and mild nature restores astringent function. It warms the essence of Shaoyang, [one of the yang channels located between the superficies (Taiying) and the interior (Yangming), where the Yang-energy is weakened.] It can remove dry-heat, cure hematuria and arrest enuresis by maintaining healthy spermatic function."

MERIDIAN BASED EDITION OF MATERIA MEDICA: "It is bitter and warm. It nourishes the kidney and strengthens Ying-energy, enhancing spermatic function and clearing the vision."