Tangerine peel

Chinese Name: Ju Pi
Medical Name:
Latin Name: Citrus tangerina
Taste: Pungent, slightly bitter

Quotes from Chinese historical sources

THE HERBAL CLASSIC OF SHEN-NONG: "To treat retention of intense heat in the chest and syndromes of the reverse flow of qi by promoting digestion. If taken for a long time, it can remove foul smells and subdue adversely rising qi."

THE COMPENDIUM OF MATERIA MEDICA: "To treat vomiting and regurgitation, especially of watery fluid, coughing with intermittent fever due to accumulation of phlegm, constipation and acute mastitis (inflammation of the breast), one can use tangerine peel. It can remove foul fishy odours and toxins if included in food. Tangerine peel that has become red in colour after long storage is of better quality. Peel from which the endocarp has been removed is called the 'tangerine exocarp'."